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Who We Are

The Muslim Society of Guelph (MSOG) is a faith-based organization committed to spreading positivity, knowledge and the message Islam. The MSOG exists as a platform for all Muslims and is dedicated to serving the needs of the Muslims and the Muslim community in Guelph and its surrounding areas. 

The Muslim community in Guelph is diverse and woven into the fabric of the city. We represent our cities, doctors, pharmacists, teachers and local businesses, and so much more, from so many diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The MSOG found its beginnings in the early 1970s when Dr. D. B. Irving, a Muslim professor at the University of Guelph, and some other faculty members started using the chapel on the 5th floor at the University Centre to gather for Friday prayers. In the years following, the University of Guelph provided another room in MacKinnon Building to start Sunday afternoon Quran classes and social gatherings, as more community members began to join them.

Our History

University of Guelph in the 1970s. Here the first groups of students, facility members and community members begin to meet for Jummah and Quran Classes. 

As the community grew, a small room at 100 Crimea Street was rented to gather and pray under the banner of the Muslim Society of Guelph.

In 1995, after many years of ongoing searching, a small group was successful in attaining just enough funding to finally open a long awaited home for the MSOG, on 44 Marlborough Road.

In 2012, MSOG acquired a School building, formally, John Calvin Christian School.  Where we currently live now. 

The community of Muslims is ever growing here in Guelph. With the opening of Meezan School and the construction of a brand new parking lot, the MSOG hopes to expand the original building to house a community centre  in the future. 


By becoming a member of MSOG you will have access facilities like the: Gymnasium, Community Hall, Kitchen, and more on a discounted rate.

A member in good standing for 5 years can be invited to become a core member. A core member is eligible to vote for the Board of Directors as well as run for a Board of Director position.

How to apply:

You can apply for MSOG Membership using the Online Application Form and pay your membership dues online or drop your membership payment to our centre.

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