Hafiz M. Mubeen Butt

Hafiz M. Mubeen Butt

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  • 519-497-3530
  • https://msofg.org
  • Muslim Identity in a non Muslim Country

Imam Mubeen Butt was born and raised just down the street from MSOG in Cambridge, ON and hails from a family of Hafiz ul Quran. He became Hafiz at a young age. While Imam Mubeen started down an entirely different career path, he found his calling and passion in Islamic and Quranic Studies, returning to school to complete a degree in Islamic Sciences.

Imam Mubeen joined the MSOG and Meezan School in 2015. Imam Mubeen’s forte is connecting with and engaging the youth especially while challenging them to a game of basketball or running summer camp or telling hunting and fishing stories in the classroom.

Another strength that Imam Mubeen has brought to the MSOG and Guelph community is his ability to build bridges and make interfaith connections throughout the city, regularly engaging with and speaking to congregations around the city, attending multi faith events and hosting school groups at the MSOG.

Imam Mubeen Butt also serves as a Chaplain with the Guelph Police Services and the Guelph General Hospital.

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