Arabic Explorers

Overview: “Arabic Explorers” is a specially crafted language course designed for Arabic-speaking children to foster a love for the Arabic language, its rich cultural heritage, and effective communication skills. This engaging program aims to make learning Arabic an enjoyable and interactive experience, encouraging children to explore the beauty of their native language.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Arabic (Module 1):
    • Begin with the basics of the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and simple vocabulary. Focus on creating a positive and enjoyable environment for children to start their linguistic journey.
  2. Everyday Conversations (Module 2):
    • Build practical language skills through common daily interactions. Children will learn to express themselves in Arabic, covering greetings, family, and everyday activities.
  3. Storytelling and Reading (Module 3):
    • Introduce children to the joy of reading in Arabic. Explore age-appropriate stories, folktales, and simple texts to enhance their comprehension and vocabulary.
  4. Arabic Numbers and Counting (Module 4):
    • Develop numerical literacy by teaching Arabic numbers and basic counting. Incorporate fun activities and games to make learning numbers an interactive experience.
  5. Islamic Vocabulary (Module 5):
    • Familiarize children with essential Islamic terms, phrases, and prayers in Arabic. Connect language learning with religious and cultural aspects, promoting a holistic understanding of their heritage.
  6. Arts and Crafts in Arabic (Module 6):
    • Combine language acquisition with creativity through arts and crafts. Engage children in fun projects that reinforce Arabic vocabulary while allowing them to express themselves artistically.
  7. Celebrating Arabic Culture (Module 7):
    • Explore the diverse cultural aspects of the Arab world, including traditions, festivals, and customs. Enhance children’s appreciation for the richness of their cultural identity.
  8. Interactive Language Games (Module 8):
    • Wrap up the course with interactive language games and activities that reinforce the language skills acquired throughout the program. These games will make learning Arabic enjoyable and memorable.

The “Arabic Explorers” course aims to create a positive and supportive learning environment, fostering a strong foundation in the Arabic language for young learners. Join us in this exciting exploration of language and culture tailored specifically for Arabic-speaking children.


Payment schedule for classes:

$40 in October

$40 in January

$40 in April

For more information and current schedule please contact Dr. Saad Enouri at 519.760.9729 or email at

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