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The University of Guelph has always been the center point of Muslim students’ activities in the City of Guelph.
In early 1970’s, Dr. D. B. Irving (a Muslim professor at the University of Guelph) and some other faculty members received permission and started using the chapel on the 5th floor at the University Centre to gather for Friday prayers.
Later in the years, the University of Guelph provided another room in MacKinnon Building to start Sunday afternoon Quran classes and social gatherings, when few members of the community joined them.

As numbers of students and community members increased, a bigger room was allotted for gatherings and congregation.  It is a remarkable that since then, Friday prayers have been consistently being held at the University of Guelph.  

Phase I
Over more than 30 years ago a team of Muslim brothers who were devoted had a dream.  This dream was to have a place of worship in Guelph.  By working with the limited manpower and recourses however, the brothers knew they needed to establish a home where they would have the proper space, materials and manpower in order to fulfill their dream.

As the community grew, a small room at 100 Crimea Street was rented to gather and pray under the banner of the Muslim Society of Guelph.

Phase II
In 1995, after many years of ongoing search, sincere intention and unbreakable dedication, the team of committed brothers were successful in attaining just the bare minimum funds to finally open a long awaited home, however small it was on 44 Marlborough Road in Guelph

Phase III
In 2012, MSOG acquired a School building that was owned by a John Calvin Christian School.  It is reasonably spacious and good facility to meet the needs of Muslims in the City of Guelph.  

The Guelph Muslim Community Centre is located at 286 Water Street on the south side of Speed River.  Closest intersection is Water Street on Edinburg Road.  It is part of the residential area not too far away from the University of Guelph.

Building Design
This new facility is a single story building and it is approx. 14000 sq.ft. Two full size classrooms has been coverted in a large Prayer Hall for men which can easily accommodate around 300 worshippers at any one time. In addition there is a Ladies’ Prayer Hall to accommodate about 150 women. Additional parking space and a proper wadu area for men and women has been added.  

The main floor is divided into three areas providing office accommodation, a Day Centre, an extensive Islamic library, educational classrooms and a full time private School (Meezan School). On special days like Eid, when demand is high, both the Main Prayer Hall and the Ladies prayer area alongwith two classrooms are used for prayers providing accommodation for 1000 people. On Eid day, there is one prayer services during which between 1,000 to 1,500 worshippers visit the masjid for the special services, and on Fridays the gathering is 400 plus. This is excluding the frequent attendance of community visiting groups and mainstream media personnel.

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