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Daily Quran Classes


"Learning in childhood, is like engraving a stone"

The Evening Quran and Tarbiyah School is flexible around your child’s daily school schedule.

During the class your child will experience many benefits, of which some include:

  • Being able to recite and memorize the Quran (Book of Allah) with Tajweed (correct and required method of recitation)

  • Establish a healthy and positive relationship with their teachers, the Masjid and most importantly the Quran.

  • Make friends with their fellow Muslim peers

  • Be inspired to excel and further their Islamic knowledge (fundamentals and essentials of Islam) and put this into Real practice.

  • We will have interest building sessions for the youth. Driving morals, practical lessons, and presentation skills through presentation of Prophetic stories in the Quran.

Evening Quran and Tarbiyah class for boys and girls

Teacher (Boys): Imam Ibrahim Gangat - (519) 546-3941
Teacher (Girls): Mrs. Salma Hanif,
Timings: 6:00pm to 8:00pm (Mon - Thurs)
Schedule: Daily
Fee: Fee: $35 / month (post dated checks to be given at the time of registration)

Who is it for?
This program is designed for boys and girls between ages of 5-15

How it works
The curriculum for the Evening Quran and Tarbiyah School is based on each individual child,  depending on their memory skill level. Each student has the opportunity to progress at their own pace.

Taleem ul Islam
Taleem ul Islam (teachings of Islam) is a primary and easy essential Islamic book which consists of basic Aqaaid (Islamic Beliefs) and basic Fiqh (Islamic practices) for young students. Its unique style is based on question and answers throughout the entire book which makes it interesting and interactive for the students. Each child to purchase the book for $5.00 once

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