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28th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of half of Tabarakalladhi [JUZ 29] and half of Amma [JUZ 30].
The Surahs' that will be covered this evening are:

SURAH AL JINN:  [The Spirits].

Two years before the Hijrah, when the Nabee S.A.W; despised and rejected in his native city of Makkah went to the lordly men of Ta'if, they maltreated him and nearly killed him. What caused him greater pain was the maltreatment of the humble and lowly men who went with him. On his return journey to Makkah, a glorious vision was revealed to him - hidden spiritual forces working for him - people not known to him accepting his mission while his own people were still rejecting him. Within two months some strangers from Madinah had privately met him and laid the foundations of that Hijrah which was to change the fate of Arabia and the course of world history.

SURAH AL MUZAMMIL:  [The Enfolded One].

The subject matter is the significance of Prayer and Humility in spiritual life and the terrible fate of those who reject Faith and Revelation. Devote yourself to the service of Allah in the stillness of the night, but not all night. In the world's persecution rely on Allah, Who will deal with His enemies fittingly. Let not Allah's service be a matter of difficulty to you: do all your duties in whole-hearted remembrance of Allah, and ever seek His bountiful Grace.

SURAH AL MUDDATHTIR:  [The One Wrapped Up].

The subject matter of this Surah is similar to the one before it. Prayer and Praise, and the need of patience in a period of great spiritual stress: the unjust who cause sorrow and suffering now will themselves experience agony in the Hereafter. The Seer, by devotion and contemplation, prepares himself for the duties of Guide and Leader to mankind. When there comes the clear Call, he must stand forth and Proclaim the Message - in purity, unselfish devotion, and patience long-suffering - to save mankind from the Distress of the Final Day.

SURAH AL QIYAMAH:  [The Resurrection].

The subject matter of the Surah is the Resurrection, viewed from the point of view of Man, especially unregenerate Man, as he is now, and as he will be then, his inner and psychological history. Eschew all Evil: for man was not created without purpose or without responsibility. The Day of Account will come, and his own conscience bears witness that he must walk straight; for he must face the Realities of That Day. With patience await the unfolding of Allah's view. Woe unto man that he thinks not now of Allah's Purpose and the noble Destiny for which Allah gave him Life and all its Gifts.

SURAH AL INSAN: [Man] or Al DAHR: [The Time].

Its theme is the contrast between the two classes of men, those who choose good and those who choose evil, with special reference to the former. The title of the Surah recalls a Pagan Arab idea, which personified Time as existing spontaneously from eternity to eternity and responsible for the misery or the happiness of mankind. In Verse 45 of Surah Al Jathiyah we read: "They say.....nothing but Time can destroy us." This attitude is of course wrong. Time is a created thing: it has its mysteries, but it is no more eternal than matter. It is also relative to our conceptions and not absolute.

It is only Allah Who is Self Subsisting, Eternal from the beginning and Eternal to the end, the absolute Existence and Reality; We must not transfer His Attributes to any figment of our imagination. This deification of Time [Dahr] as against a living personal God has given rise to the term dariyah, as applied to an atheist or a materialist. The Righteous are patient in Constant Devotion: Allah's Way is open to all. Whosoever has the Will, may attain to the Perfect Goal.

SURAH AL MURSALAT:  [Those Sent Forth].

The theme of this Surah is similar to that of Surah Al Qiyamah. It denounces the horrors of the Hereafter, for those who rejected Truth. The refrain, "Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!" which occurs ten times in its fifty verses, or, on an average, once in every five verses. Will man not learn from his own little story, or from nature around him? The Blazing Fire will be indeed an enveloping Punishment. How dreadful the contrast with the Bliss of the Righteous! Learn, you, therefore, Humility, and approach Allah's Throne in Repentance and Earnest Endevour.


[The Great News]. The Great News for man, in his spiritual destiny, is the Day of Judgement to come, the Day of Sorting Out. It sets forth Allah's Loving Care in a fine nature passage, and deduces from it the Promise of the Future, when Evil will be destroyed and Good will come to its own: and invites all who have the will to seek refuge with their Exalted and Most Gracious Lord.

SURAH AL NAZI'AT: [Those Who Tear Out].

This Surah deals with the theme of Judgement from the point of of Pride and its Fall. The Parable of Fir'aun occupies a central place in the argument.He flouted Allah's Message specially sent to him, and arrogantly proclaimed:  "I am your Lord Most High!" He perished in this life and will answer for his deeds in the next.

SURAH ABASA: [He Frowned].

Men who are not blessed with the good things of this life may yet be earnest seekers of Truth and Purity, and deserve as much attention as those who seem to wield some influence, yet who in their pride are self-sufficient. Allah's Message is universal and all have a right to hear it. The Surah recapitulates the Mercies of Allah to mankind, and the consequences of a good pr a wicked life here, as seen in the spiritual world to come, in the Hereafter.

SURAH AL TAKWIR: [The Folding Up].

The Surah opens up with a series of highly graphic images portraying the break-up of the world as we know it [verses 1-13] and the enforcement of complete personal responsibility for each soul [verse 14]. This is followed by a passage showing how the Qur'anic Revelation was true, and revealed through Sayyidina Jibra'eel Amin Alayhis Salaam, and not a rhapsody from one possessed. Revelation is given for mankind's spiritual guidance in verses 14 to 29.


[The Cleaving Asunder]. In subject matter this Surah is cognate to the last, though the best authorities consider it a good deal later in chronology in the early Makkan period. Its argument is subject to the threefold interpretation as referring (1) to the Day of Judgement, (2) to the Lesser Judgement, on an individual's death, and (3) to the awakening of the Inner Light in the soul at any time, that being considered as Death to the Falsities of this Life and a Rebirth to the true Spiritual Reality.


[The Dealers in Fraud]. This Surah is close in time to the last one and the next one. It condemns all fraud - in daily dealings, as well as and especially in matters of Religion and higher spiritual life which will be exposed to view at Judgement, however hidden they may be in this life. Give everyone his due for the record of ill deeds and good is fully kept, and the stains of sin corrupt the soul. Reject not Real Now, nor mock for the time will come when the True will come to its own, and then the mighty arrogant will be abased.

SURAH AL INSHIQAQ: [The Rending Asunder].

This Surah opens with a mention of some cataclysmic events, shows that the present phenomenal order will not last, and Allah's full Judgement will certainly be established. Mankind should therefore strive for the World of Eternity and True Values.


[The Constellations]. The subject matter of this Surah covers the persecution of Allah's votaries. Allah watches over His own, and will deal with the enemies of Truth as He dealt with them in the past.

SURAH AL TARIQ: [The Night Star].

The subject matter is the protection afforded to every soul in the darkest period of its spiritual history, The physical nature of man may be insignificant, but the soul given to him by Allah must win a glorious Future in the end. Through the darkest night comes a penetrating light of a glorious Star. Such is the power of Revelation: it protects and guides the erring. For what is man? But a creature of flesh and bones! But Allah by His Power doth raise man's state to a Life Beyond! - when lo! All things hidden will be made plain. Man's help will then be but the Word of Allah, which none can thwart. So wait with gentle patience - for His Decision.

SURAH AL  A'LA: [The Most High].

The argument is that Allah has made man capable of progress by ordered steps, and by His Revelation will lead him still higher to purification and perfection. Let us look to the Eternal Goal, with hearts and souls of Purity, and glorify His Name: For in this changing, fleeting world, His Word is always True, and will remain through all the ages, ever the same.

SURAH AL GHASHIYAH: [The Overwhelming Event].

The contrast between the destinies of the Good and the Evil in the Hereafter - on the Day when the true balance will be restored. The Signs of Allah even in this life should remind us of the Day of Account, for Allah is Good and Just, and His Creation is for a Just Purpose.

SURAH AL FAJR: [The Dawn].

Its mystic meaning is suggested by contrasts - contrasts in nature and in man's long history. Thus does it enforce the lesson of Faith in the Hereafter to "those who understand". Man's history and legendary lore show that greatness does not last and the proudest are brought low. For enforcing moral and spiritual truths, the strictest history is no better than legend. Indeed all artistic history is legend, for it is written from a special point of view. Man is easily cowed by contrasts in his own fortunes, and yet he does not learn from them the lesson of forbearance and kindness to others, and the final elevation of goodness in the Hereafter. When all the things on which his mind and heart are set on this earth shall be crushed to nothingness, he will see the real glory and power, love and beauty, of Allah, for these are the light of the Garden of Paradise.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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