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26th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of
half of Qad Sami-Allahu [JUZ 28] and reaming of [JUZ 27]
The Surahs' that will be covered this evening are:
Surah Ar-Rahman
Surah Al-Waqiyah and Surah Al-Hadid,

Muhjadilah, Hasr, Mumtahinah,


The majority of Commentators consider this an early Makkan Surah, though some consider at least a part of it dating from Madinah. The greater part of it is undoubtedly early Makkan. It is highly poetical and most sublime, and the refrain "Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?" is interspersed 31 times among its 78 verses. It is the sixth of the series of seven dealing with Revelation, the favours of Allah, and the Hereafter. Here the special theme is indicated by the refrain. The rhyme in most cases is the Dual grammatical form, and the Argument implies that though things are created in pairs, there is an underlying Unity, through the Creator, in the favours which He bestows, and in the goal to which they are marching.

Summary: - Allah Exalted and Most Gracious has sent Revelation, one of His greatest favours to mankind. His Creation is in pairs, well-balanced; all created things receive His Favours, but they will all pass away, and only Allah will endure through the ages. Ultimately all evil shall return to its destination, as well as all Good, but ever blessed is the name of Almighty Allah, Rabb of Glory, Honour and Bounty. Which, then of the favours of your Lord will you deny?  


This is the seventh and last Surah of the series devoted to Revelation and the Hereafter. It belongs to an early Makkan period, with the possible exception of one or two verses. The theme is certainly of the Day of Judgement and its adjustments of true Values. Allah's Power, Goodness and Glory, and the Truth of Revelation.

Summary: - When the Day of Judgement comes, the world as we know it will be shaken to its foundations, and mankind shall be sorted out into three sorts: Those nearest to Allah, in exalted Bliss; the Companions of the Right Hand, in Bliss; and the companions of the Left Hand, in Misery. Surely the Power and Goodness of Allah, of which Revelation is a Sign, should lead man to accept the Message and glorify Him. Glory and Praise be to Allah the Beneficent, Supreme to Justice, Mercy and Truth!


With this Surah we have now studied the contents of nearly nine tenths of the Holy Qur'an. The comprehensive scheme of building up the new Ummah or Brotherhood and its spiritual implications is now complete. The remaining tenth of the Qur'an may be considered in two parts. The first contains ten Surahs i.e. Surahs 57 to 66 all revealed in Madinah, and each dealing with some special point which needs emphasis in the social life of the Ummah.

The second i. e. Surah's 67 to 94 contains short Makkan Surahs, each dealing with some aspect of spiritual life, expressed in language of great mystic beauty. The present Madinah Surah is chiefly concerned with the spiritual humility and the avoidance of arrogance, and a warning that retirement from the world may not be the best way of seeking the Good Pleasure of Allah.

Summary: - Allah's Power and Knowledge extend to all things: Follow His Light direct, without doubt or fear or half-heartedness, but with humility, generous charity, and faith, and not in a life of isolation from the world.

[The Woman Who Pleads].

The subject matter of this Surah is the importance of a woman's Plea on behalf of herself and her children and a condemnation of all secret counsels and intrigues in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Summary: - All false pretences, especially those that degrade a woman's position, are condemned - as well as secret consultations between men and intrigues with falsehood, mischief, and sedition. Observe order and decorum in public assemblies, and seek not in selfish pride to engage your leader's private attention. It is wrong to turn to the enemies of Allah for friendship. They make their oaths a cloak for wrongdoing, and keep back men from the Right. But none can resist the Power or the Judgement of Allah. The Righteous seek only His Good Pleasure, and rejoice therein as their highest Achievement.

[The Mustering].

The special theme of this Surah is how treachery to the Ummah on the part of its enemies recoils on the enemies themselves, while it strengthens the bond between the different sections of the Ummah itself, and this is illustrated by the story of the expulsion of the Jewish tribe of Banu al Nadr in Rabi' al Awwal, 4 A.H. This fixes the date of the Surah.

Summary: - The expulsion of the treacherous Jews from the neighbourhood of Madinah was smoothly accomplished. Their reliance on their fortified positions and on the faith of their allies in treachery proved futile. But the internal bonds in the Ummah were strengthened. Such is the Wisdom of Allah, Lord of the Most Beautiful Names. There is no god but He! the Good, the Glorious, the Irresistible! All Creation sings His Praise - the Exalted in Might, the Wise!

[That Which Examines].

The point here is: What social relations are possible with the Unbelievers? A distinction is made between those who persecute you for your Faith and want to destroy you and your Faith, and those who have shown no such rancour. For the latter there is hope of mercy and forgiveness. The question of women and cross-marriages is equitably dealt with. The date is after the Pagans had broken the Treaty of Hudaybiyah about A.H. 8, not long after the conquest of Makkah.

Summary: - The enemies of your Faith, who would exterminate you and your Faith, are not fit objects of your love. Follow Nabee Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam's example. But with those Unbelievers who show no rancour, you should deal with kindness and justice: marriage between Believers and Unbelievers. Let not Believing women be handed over to Unbelievers. No marriage tie is lawful between them. When women wish to join your society, take their assurance that they yield not to sin or unbeseeming conduct. Take every care to keep your society free and pure, and self-contained.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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