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25th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists half of Qaa la Fama Khatbukum (JUZ 27) and reaming of [JUZ 26]
The Surahs that will be covered are:
the concluding two Rukus of Surah Ad Dhariyat,
Surah Al-Tur, Surah Al-Najm, Surah Al-Qamar,

[The Winds that Scatter].

This is an early Makkan Surah, the second of the Seven Surahs forming a group dealing with Revelation and the Hereafter. This Surah deals with the varying ways in which Truth prevails irresistibly even against all human probabilities.

Summary: - The winds may blow and scatter, lift and rush, or divide in all directions, but the Truth and Promise of Almighty Allah are sure and stable, whereof you may see Signs both around and within you. Past events and what you see before you point to the unfailing consequences of all you do. Almighty Allah Rabbul Ala'meen, out of His Grace, sends you a reminder: the loss is your own if you reject and deny.

[The Mount]

Surah Al Tur is an early Makkan Surah. All Signs of Allah, including previous revelations and other sacred symbols, point out that Allah's Final Judgement will take place on the Day of Reckoning. The perpetrators of evil will be severely punished on that day while those who enjoined the good will reap the benefits of Allah's rewards. All Praise is due to none other than Allah and all the points raised by the unbelievers are without foundation. They have failed to grasp the Divine Message. Praise Allah in the stillness of the night and at the holy hour of dawn as the stars retreat, singing glory to the Maker of their own most glorious Sun.

[The Star]

This is an early Makkan Surah, and is the fourth of the series of seven which were described earlier.

Summary: - The impression received by the Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam in revelation is neither error on his part nor deception by others, nor does he speak from selfish motives. It comes clearly from Allah, Who is not what the vain imaginations of men conceive. He is All-in-All, First and Last, Lord of All, Ample in forgiveness. Those who turn away are petty and ignorant, not knowing that Allah is the source and goal of all things - in men, in nature, and in the events of history - therefore serve Him. He has created all of us, and knows all that we are. It is not for us to justify ourselves, but to offer ourselves totally as we are. Learn from His Revelation and Adore thy Rabb of your innermost soul.

[The Moon].

This is an early Makkan Surah. The theme of the Surah is explained by the refrain: "Is there any that will receive admonition?"  which occurs six times, at the end of each reference to a past story of sin and rejection of warnings and in the appeal to the simplicity of verses 15, 17, 22, 32, 40, and 51. There is an invitation to listen to the Message and turn to Truth and Righteousness.

Summary: - The Hour of Judgement is nigh, but men forget or reject the Message, as did the people of Nabee Nuh A.S., of 'Ad, of Thamud, of Nabee Lut A.S.; and of Fir'aun. Is there any that will receive admonition? Will the present generation learn wisdom by warning? Alas! Is there any that will truly receive admonition? The Righteous will dwell in the Gardens of Bliss - in joyful Assembly of realised Truth, in the Presence of their Sovereign Most High.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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