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23rd Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of half of Ilayhi Yuraddu (JUZ 25) and reaming of [JUZ 24].
The Surahs that will be covered are the following:
Surah Ha Mim Sajdah, Surah Al-Shura
and Surah Al Zukhruf.


To prevent confusion with other Surahs of the Ha Mim Series, the word Sajdah is sometimes added to the title, making it Ha Mim al Sajdah, the title being necessary as there is another Surah called Al Sajdah. To avoid the double title it is sometimes called Fussilat, from the occurrence of the word in verse 3. For this particular Surah the theme is that the basis of Faith and Revelation is Allah's Power and Goodness, and the fruit of both is man's righteousness and healing.

Summary: - What is Revelation and Faith, and what is man's attitude to both, and what are its consequences?  Revelation explains, and makes things clear. It gives the message of hope and mercy, and it warns men against the snares of Evil. Do not deny Allah, the Lord of the World's, Whose Glory and power are shown in Creation, and His Mercy in Revelation. Learn from the fate of the peoples of old! Learn from the warnings of our own nature. Your very limbs and faculties, if misused, bear witness against you. Repent before it is too late. The best of men is the man of faith, who calls all men to share his Faith. Knowledge belongs to Allah, but Falsehood deprives man of hope, humility, and clear sight, and drives him to hypocrisy. So turn to Truth, and live.  


The theme is how evil and blasphemy can be cured by the Mercy and Guidance of Allah, which come through His Revelation. Men are asked to settle their differences in patience by mutual Consultation which explains the title of this Surah.

Summary: - The Contrast of blasphemy against Revelation, Unity and Faith as relying on the Signs and Mercy of Allah. Evil comes through men's own deeds, of which they cannot avoid the consequences, but Guidance comes through Allah's Mercy and Revelation. Inspiration is part of the Glory and Goodness of Allah. His Unity is shown in His Creation. Yet man will turn to false gods, and dispute about Religion. Faith has been one at all times.

But sects and divisions rose through selfish contumacy. Let all contention cease, and conduct weighed by the just balance of Allah's Word. The Just and the Unjust will all be brought before Allah, Whose Mercy and Bounty are writ large in the Signs in His Marvellous Creation - one, yet diverse! What we call the ills of life is due to our own ill deeds; and many of them are forgiven by Allah. His Plan can never be frustrated. This life is but a stage of conscience. Live true and resist all wrong, but learn the best way to do so. Rely only on Allah, else no protector will you find. Allah's Revelation comes as a Guide and Mercy. It shows the Straight Way, the Way of Allah All-Wise.


This Surah deals with the contrasts between the real glory of Truth and Revelation and the false glitter of what people like to believe and worship. It cites the examples of Nabee Ebrahim A.S; Nabee Moosa A.S; and Nabee Esa A.S. as exposing the False and holding up the Truth. The keyword [Zukhruf, Gold Adornments) occurs in verse 35, but the idea occurs all through the Surah.

Summary: -The Book of Revelations makes things clear, even though the ignorant and foolish mock at it and ignore Allah's Signs: it will last, while its rejecters will perish. Nabee Ebrahim exposed the falsehood of traditional worship: the glitter and adornments of this world will not last: what was the end of Fir'aun in his arrogant fight with Nabee Moosa A.S.?  If Christians go back to Nabee Esa A.S.. he was but a man and a servant of Allah. He came to to still the jarring sects, not to create a new one. He preached the One True Creator, his Lord. So give up disputing and join in devotion to Allah. This is the Way to the Garden of Bliss, but the opposite leads to the Fire. Beware! the Truth has come, and Allah knows how you receive it. He is the Lord of power and mercy. The Truth must prevail: resist it not.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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