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22nd Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of  half of Faman Adlamu (JUZ 24) and remaining of [JUZ 23]
and the Surahs that will be covered are:- and Surah Al Saad, Surah Al Zumar,
Surah Al Mu'min in its entirety,


This Surah, both in chronology and subject matter is cognate to Surah Al Saffat and carries forward the same argument. But here the emphasis is laid on the working of earthly power when combined with spiritual power, and it is pointed out how much more significant (and real) spiritual power is. For this reason the illustrative stories are mainly those of Nabee Dawood A.S. and Nabee Sulayman A.S. who were kings as well as Prophets, and a parallel is suggested with the unfolding public life of our Beloved Nabee Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam.

Summary: - Worldly and evil men are surprised at the renewal of Truth and Righteousness; but righteousness has more power than worldly strength, as is seen in the story of kings like Nabee Dawood A.S., who had both. Nabee Sulayman also loved Allah more than worldly power, which may be good but may be misused by evil men of power and insight, chose the path of final bliss rather than final misery. So also is the case of Nabee Muhammad S.A.W. the final Messenger; his Gospel of Unity must triumph over all jealousy and Arrogance in Allah's good time. The Gospel of Unity is the True Cure for Evil for it gives the good news of Allah's Power
Supreme, and His Mercy and Forgiveness again and again. It warns us to avoid Evil, for Evil arose from selfish pride and rebellion. No power has it over Allah's Servants, sincere and true: while Revelation comes as a Gift free to all Allah's Creation.


This is the last of the series of Surahs which deal with the mysteries of the spiritual world, as leading up to the Ma'ad, or the Hereafter. Its subject matter is how Creation in its great variety is yet sorted out in Groups or Classes, all governed by one Plan, and created and sustained by One Creator, Who will separate Good from Evil at the Last Day. The words Zumar occurs in verses 71 and 73. It belongs to the later Makkan period.

Summary: - The variety in Creation yet points to the Unity of Plan: there is only One Creator: to Him is due all worship and from Him flow all Justice and Grace. There is Unity in Revelation, and Guidance comes from Almighty Allah alone. Turn to Him only, for all else is false. Allah's Mercy is all-embracing: despair not: seek it before it is too late: for Judgement and Justice will come for certain. To Allah is due sincere devotion, and to Him Alone. There is none like unto Him. All nature obeys His Laws, and our own Growth and Life proclaim Him Lord and Cherisher. How can we blaspheme? We must serve Him, the One, the True, with sincere devotion, and follow His Law in its highest meaning or else the loss is our own. All nature proclaims aloud His Grace and Loving Kindness.

What distance separates the man whose heart is melted by the Message of Allah and enlightened by His Light, and let him who rejects Revelation! Allah teaches men by Parables. Straight is His Word and clear. Any doubts in the minds of men will be resolved after Death. Even now Allah's Signs are enough. No other can guide. Death and his twin brother sleep, are in the hands of Allah; to Him is our Goal. He Alone will judge in the end. His Will is all-in-all. No other thing can be of any account before His Law. But no soul need be in despair because of its sin. Allah's Forgiveness and Mercy are Unbounded. Turn to Allah in repentance now, for at Judgement it will be too late. Unity in worship and life is commanded by Allah. Go not astray. When Judgement comes, it will be a new World. In perfect justice will the followers of Evil be sorted out from the Good. And the righteous will rejoice, singing Praises to Allah with the Angels on high.


This Surah is called Ghafir (Forgiver). It is also called Al Mu'min (The Believer) from the story of the individual Believer among the people of Fir'aun, who declares his faith and looks to the future. Here it is about the Individual's witness to Faith and Virtue, and his triumph in the End. As to the precise meaning Ha Mim no authoritative explanation is available . If Mim here has a signification similar to Mim in Alif, Lam, Mim, it means the End of Things, the Last Day, and all these Surah's direct our special attention to the Ha, the emphatic guttural. in contrast with the softer breathing of Alif, may be meant to suggest that the Beginning is only for the End, the Present for the Future, and to emphasize the eschatological element in Faith. But this is mere conjecture, and should be taken for no more than it is worth.

Summary: - Faith is ever justified, for Allah forgives. Evil deeds must have Evil fruits for Allah knows and is Just. In all history Evil came to Evil; the protest of Faith, in the midst of Evil, may be ignored; but Faith is protected by Allah while Evil perishes. No doubt is there of the Future Judgement; the Power, Goodness, and Justice of Allah are manifest. Will man dispute or will he accept the Signs before it is too late? Travel in space and time, and you will see that Evil came to nothing but evil. Mighty men of old in arrogance plotted against Allah's Truth, but were brought low. A humble believer in Fir'aun's Court stood up for Truth, and counselled his People to obey the Right: In earnest humility did he address them. They heard him not. But he was saved, and they were engulfed in the Wrath of Allah. The keys of Life and Death are in the hands of Allah. Dispute not the Signs of Allah, but learn from History and the world around you. Science and skill avail you not if the soul is dead.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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