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18th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh covers Aman Khalaq (JUZ 20).
The Surahs that will be recited this evening are:
the remaining portion of Surah Al Naml ,
Surah Al Qasas in its entirety and roughly
two thirds of Surah Al Ankabut.


This Surah continues with the subject of Revelation and its reception by those to whom it is sent. But it emphasises new points: how the recipient of inspiration is prepared for his high destiny, even in the growth of his ordinary life, and how the rejection of Allah's Message by groups of men or by individuals is caused by overweening arrogance or avarice. The plight of those who reject the Truth is contrasted with the reward of the righteous. With the possible exception of a few verses, it belongs to the late Makkan period, just preceding the Hijrah.

Summary: - Fir'aun was arrogant and unjust, but Allah's Plan was to strengthen the weak:  in infancy Nabee Moosa A.S. was prepared for his mission; in youth he trusted in Allah and was guided; in his exile he found help and love; and when he was called, he was supported by Allah. So was the Beloved Nabee Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam fed spiritually by Allah's Grace, and his Revelation was recognised by those who knew the earlier Revelations: it came to an old sacred Centre, to warn those  seduced by the glitter of this worldly life.

The future is with those who repent, have faith, and do good: for all Mercy and Truth are with Allah. But men puffed up with wealth, like Qarun, will come to an evil end, while the lowly and the righteous will attain Allah's Mercy. Let nothing keep your eyes back from that end: Then, and only then, shall you reach the Eternal Reality, the Glorious Reality, Which is Almighty Allah, Who endureth forever!


This Surah is the last of the series in which the growth of the spiritual man as an individual is considered, especially illustrated by the way in which the great Prophets were prepared for their work and received their mission, and the nature of Revelation in relation to the environments in which it was promulgated. It also closes sub-series which is concerned with the spiritual Light, and the reactions to it at certain periods of spiritual history. The last Surah closed with a reference to the doctrine of the Ma'ad, or final Return of man to Allah.

This theme is further developed here, and as it is continued in the subsequent three Surahs all bearing the Abbreviated Letters, "Alif Lam Mim", it forms a connecting link between the present series and those three Surahs. Emphasis is laid here on the necessity of linking actual conduct with the reception of Allah's Revelation, and reference is again made to the stories of Nabee Nuh, Nabee Ebrahim and Nabee Lut Alayhim Salaam among the Prophets and the stories of Madyan, 'Ad, Thamud, and Fir'aun among the rejecters of Allah's Message. This worldly life is contrasted with the real Life of the Hereafter.   

Summary: - Belief is tested by trial in life and practical conduct: though Nabee Nuh A.S. lived 950 years, his people refused Faith, and Nabee Ebrahim A.S.'s generation threatened to burn him. Hazrat Lut A.S.'s people not only rejected Allah's Message bur publicly defied him in sin: the 'Ad and the Thamud had intelligence but misused it, and Qarun, Fir'aun, and Haman perished for their overweening arrogance: they found their worldly power as frail as a spider's web.

The Glorious Qur'an as a revelation stands on its own merit and as a Sign: it teaches the distinction between Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, and shows the importance and excellence of the Hereafter. Worldly power cannot through sin defy the right, as was proved in the mission of Hazrat Lut A.S; nor can Intelligence misused stand in the place of Allah's Light; nor can boastful insolence do aught but dig its own grave. The strength and skill, the beauty and power, of this world's life are no more than a Spider Web, Flimsy before the force of the eternal verities that flow from Almighty Allah Exalted and Supreme!  

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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