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16th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of Qad-Aflaha (JUZ 18).
The Surahs that will be covered are:-
Surah Al Mu'minun in its entirety,
Surah Al Nur in its entirety and
roughly one third of Surah Al Furqan


This Surah deals with the virtues which are the seed-bed of Faith, especially in an environment in which Truth is denied and its votaries insulated and persecuted. But Truth is One and must prevail. Those who do wrong will be filled with vain regrets when it is too late for repentance.

Summary: - Faith, coupled with humility in prayer, charity, abstinence from vanity and from indulgence in appetites, and strict probity, must lead to final success, even though people mock and accuse the righteous of false motives, as did the contemporaries of Nabee Nuh, of Nabee Moosa and Nabee Esa Alayhim Salaam. The prophets of Allah and the righteous form one Brotherhood, but those who make schims and refuse to believe have ample evidence pointing to Truth and the goodness and greatness of Almighty Allah Rabbul Ala’meen.

Evil must be repelled by goodness and faith in Allah; for the future life is sure, and those who disbelieve will wish for another chance when it is too late. Let us eschew evil, but not pay back evil in its own coin, however great the temptation: no chance will there be to retrieve our conduct, once death cuts us off. Then we shall only have to wait for Judgement: none can pass that barrier: Our deeds will be weighed, And happy will be those whose good weighs more in the scale than ill. Only faith and Goodness will prevail in the end. So Glory be to the Rabb of the Throne exalted, of Mercy and Honour.


The environmental and social influence which most frequently wreck our spiritual ideals have to do with sex and especially with its misuse, whether in the form of unregulated behaviour, or false charges or scandals, or breach of the refined conventions of personal or domestic privacy. Our complete conquest of all pitfalls in such matters enables us to rise to the higher regions of Light and of Allah-created Nature. This subject continues in the next Surah. As the reprobation of false slanders about women is connected with an incident that happened to Hazrat A'ishah R.A. in 5-6 A.H. that fixes the chronological place of this Madinah Surah.

Summary: - Sex offenders should be severely punished, but strictest evidence should be required, and false slanderers are also worthy of punishment. Light talk about women is reprobated. Privacy should be respected, and the utmost decorum should be observed in dress and manners. Parable of Light and Darkness: order and obedience in Nature point to the spiritual duty of man.

Domestic manners and manners in public or collective life in all contribute to the highest virtues, and are part of our spiritual duties leading up to Allah. Chastity is a virtue, for men and and women, whether joined in marriage, or single, or widowed. The punishment for offences in such matters should be public. No less. Grave is the launching of false charges or rumours against the fair reputation of women, or the spreading of such slanders, or the facile belief in them. Evil is spreading its net.

Good men and women should ever be on their guard, and pray for Allah's Grace and Mercy. Almighty Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. High above our petty evanescent lives, He illumines our souls with means that reach our inmost being. Universal is His Light, so pure and so intense that grosser beings need a veil to take His rays: His elect are forever absorbed in prayer and praise and deeds of love, unlike the children of Darkness struggling in depths profound of vanities false.

All Nature sings to the Glory of Allah, and men of fraud and hypocrisy are but rebels in the Kingdom of Allah. For a self-respecting life on earth, respect for other's privacy is most essential, in the home and abroad: but superstitions are not met in intercourse amongst kin or true friends. In public council never fail to observe the most punctilious form and order: your self-respect demands that you should give your leader sincere respect and all obedience. You may not know but Allah does know the inwardness of things both great and small.


This Surah further develops the contrast between Light and Darkness, as symbolical of knowledge and ignorance, righteousness and sin, spiritual progress and degradation. It closes with a definition of the deeds by which the righteous are known in the environment of this world. It is an early Makkan Surah, but its date has no significance.

Summary: Allah's highest gift to mankind is that He has furnished a Criterion for judgement between Right and Wrong - in His Revelation, which teaches us the true significance of our eternal Future. Those who do not use that Criterion will be full of woe when the Judgement comes, for Allah gave full warning at all times. In the contrast of shade and sun, night and day, death and life, and the whole ordering of Allah's Creation, men may learn of Allah Most Gracious; and the virtues of the righteous respond to Allah's care for them.

Woe to the misbelievers who arrogantly demand to see Allah, yet reject His Signs! His Judgement will come, and when they will see, too late, how evil casts nothing but treacherous snares for man. Slowly comes Allah's revelation, in ways most conducive to man's enlightenment. Men in their folly reject the most obvious Signs of Allah. Let them mock! Soon will they know! Alas! men ruled by self-impulse are worse than brute beasts to guide or control.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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