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15th Night of Taraweeh



Alhumdulillah! Tonight's Taraweeh consists of Iqtaraba (JUZ 17).
The Surahs that will be covered this evening  are as follows:
Surah Al Ambiyaa in its entirety and Surah Hajj in its entirety.  


This Surah begins with the external obstacles placed by evil against purification of the soul with prayer and praise and gives the assurance of Allah's power to defend men, illustrating this with reference to Nabee Ebrahim A.S.'s fight against idolatry, Hazrat Lut A.S's fight against injustice and failure to proclaim Allah's glory by making full use of man's Allah-given faculties and powers, that of Nabee Ayub A.S. against impatience and want of self-confidence, that of Hazrats Isma'il, Idris, and Dhul Kifl Alayhim Salaam against want of steady perseverance, that of Nabee Yunus A.S. against error in judgement, that of Zakarriya A.S. against spiritual isolation, and that of Bibi Maryam A.S.. against the lusts of this world. In each allusion there is a special point about the soul's purification. The common point is that the Ambiya Alayhim Salaam were not, as the vulgar suppose, just irresistible men. They had to win their ground inch by inch against all kinds of resistance from evil.

The great exemplars of virtue conquered evil, each according to his circumstances. Nabee Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam stood staunch in the fire of persecution, unhurt; Hazrat Lut Alayhis Salaam was bold in reproving abominations; Hazrat Nuh Alayhis Salaam survived the Great Flood by his faith, in a world of Unbelief. Hazrat Dawood Alayhis Salaam sought justice, and sang Allah's praises; Hazrat Sulayman Alayhis Salaam by wisdom subdued the refractory; Hazrat Ayoub Alayhis Salaam was patient in suffering; Hazrat Ismail Alayhis Salaam, Hazrat Idris Alayhis Salaam, Hazrat Dhu al Kifl  [Isaiah] Alayhis Salaam, were true in constancy amid temptation; Hazrat Yunus Alayhis Salaam turned to Allah; Hazrat Zakariya Alayhis Salaam and his family were examples of devoutness; and Bibi Maryam Alayhis Salaam of chastity. All men and women of Allah are from one united Brotherhood.


We now come to a new series of four Surahs, dealing with the environment and methods contributing to our spiritual progress, as the last five Surahs dealt with the Messengers who came in various ways to proclaim the Truth and conquer evil. The subject matter of this particular Surah is concerned mainly with the spiritual implications of the Sacred House, the Hajj, the Sacrifice, the striving and Fighting in defence of Truth when attacked, and other acts that make for Unselfishness and uproot Falsehood. On the chronology of this Surah, opinion is divided. Some parts were probably revealed in the latter Makkan period, and some in Madinah. But the chronological question has no significance here.

Purity, Prayer, Humility, and Faith are implied in the Hajj; in solemn Sacrifice we express our gratitude and reverence to Allah, and our desire to share food with other poorer brethren; Striving and Fighting in defence of Truth when attacked are necessary as tests of self-sacrifice. The promptings of Evil may hinder the work of Allah's Prophet, but that work must triumph, and the Mercy and Truth of Allah must be established; therefore serve Allah humbly, and He will protect and help you. The power of Evil is in insidious suggestions. They are only a trial to those who hearts are inclined to evil, but Truth does shine the nobler for the Believers, by the Grace and guidance of Allah. Do not dispute about rites and ceremonies : Follow the Straight Path. Seek for worship the Only Creator and Sustainer, and strive in His service, that you may be witness among men to Allah's Truth, as the Nabee Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is a witness to you.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia   

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