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17th Night of Taraweeh



Tonight's Taraweeh consists of Waqalal Ladhi'na (JUZ 19).
The Surahs to be covered this evening are:
the remaining portion of Surah Al Furqan and Surah Al Shu'ara
in its entirety and  slightly more than half of Surah Al Naml.


This Surah begins a new series of four Surahs, which illustrate the contrast between the spirit of Prophecy and spiritual Light and the reactions to it in the communities among whom it appeared, by going back to old Prophets and the stories of the Past. In this particular Surah we have the story of Nabee Moosa A.S. and his fight with Fir'aun and of Fir'aun's discomfiture. The other Prophets mentioned are Nabee Ebrahim A.S; Nabee Hud A.S; Nabee Salih A.S; Nabee Lut A.S; and Nabee Shu'ayb A.S. The lesson is drawn that the Qur'an is a continuation and fulfillment of previous Revelations, and is pure Truth, and the Whole Truth, unlike poetry of vain poets. Chronologically the Surah belongs to the middle Makkan period, when the contrast of the Light of Prophecy with the milieu of Pagan Makkah was testing the Makkans in their most arrogant mood.

Summary: - The conflict of Unbelief with Truth is vain: so was the conflict of Fir'aun with Nabee Moosa A.S.: Fir'aun's magicians bowed to the Truth, and Fir'aun and his hosts were drowned. Nor did Nabee Ebrahim A.S.'s people gain anything by their resisting of the Truth he preached, and Nabee Nuh A.S,'s people perished by their Unbelief. Nabee Hud A.S. warned his people against reliance on their material strength and Nabee Salih A.S. against sacrilege, but in both cases the evil ones were brought low. Nabee Lut A.S. had to deal with unspeakable crimes, and Hazrat Shu'ayb A.S. against dishonest dealings and mischief: their teaching was rejected, but the rejecters were wiped out.

So when the spirit of Prophecy came to Makkah, it was resisted by the votaries of evil: but Truth is not like vain poetry, and must triumph at last. Allah's Plan works unceasingly: His Light shines none the less brightly, because some reject it or mock at it. Nabee Moosa A.S. was freed from all fear when Allah gave him His Signs and sent him to Fir'aun: he boldly proclaimed the Message, and won the wise ones of Egypt: the rejecters, with Fir'aun, perished, and their heritage passed to worthier hands.


This Surah is cognate in subject to the one preceding it and the two following it: Its chronological place is also in the same group of four, in the middle Makkan period. Here there is much mystic symbolism. Wonders in the physical world are types of greater wonders in the spiritual world. The Fire, the White Hand, and the Rod, in the story of Nabee Moosa A.S.; the speech of the birds, the crowds of Jinns and men pitted against a humble ant, and the Hoopoe and the Queen of Sheba, in Hazrat Sulayman A.S.'s  story; the defeat of the plot of the nine wicked men in the story of Hazrat Salih A.S; and the crime of sin with open eyes in the story of Hazrat Lut A.S. - lead up to the lessons of true and false worship and the miracles of Allah's Grace and Revelation.

Summary: - Wonderful in Revelation, like the Fire which Nabee Moosa A.S. saw, which was a glimpse of Allah's Glory, and His Miracles, which searched out those who refused Faith in spite of the light they had received. Nabee Sulayman A.S. knew the speech of Birds and had hosts of Jinns and men; yet the wise ant had ample defence against them: the Hoopoe who was absent at his master, was yet serving him: the Queen of Sheba had a kingdom, but it submitted with conviction to the Wisdom of Nabee Sulayman A.S. and the Kingdom of Allah.

Fools ascribe ill luck to godliness as in Hazrat Salih A.S.'s story, or fall into the lusts with their eyes open, as in the story of Hazrat Lut A.S.; but their plots and their rage will be foiled by Allah. Allah's Glory and Goodness are supreme over all Creation: Unfaith will yield to Faith in the final adjustments of values: so follow Revelation, serve Allah. At the end of all things shall we know how small is our state, but for Allah's Grace: let us bow to His Will and accept His True Guidance: Let us Praise Him Alone and Trust Him - now and forever.

And Almighty Allah knows best

To be continued Insha'Allah.............

Abdul Hamid Lachporia

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