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Daily & Friday Prayers have been suspended until further notice. Kindly check here for further details.
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Dear Community Members: Assalamu Alaikum - May peace and blessings be upon you

There have been continuous concerns with regards to the pandemic situation in Ontario and Canada due to COVID-19. The number of people impacted by COVID-19 has been doubled in Ontario over the weekend. The province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency, suspecting all of the non-essential services including any gathering of 50 or more people.  The masajid board members and Imams, having the best welfare and safety of the community in mind, have therefore had a lengthy discussion as to how we, as muslims and community members can best move forward. We have already shared an opinion from the Canadian Council of Imam and Muslim Medical Association of Canada with you. Most recently, ICNA, ISNA, MAC and majority of the association across Canada/USA has decided to suspend five daily prayers at the masajid.   

In consultation with local masajid and Imams along with the recommendation from Imam Council, it has been decided that there will be NO daily prayers held at Jame Masjid Water Street, Abu Bakr Masjid and Masjid Aisha effective immediately March 18, 2020, until further notice.

As management of the MSOG, it is our responsibility to take the decision and protect the general community members for their own safety and equally important the safety of others. We know that this infection is easily transmitted before one is even aware as the symptoms. This has been the most difficult decision for all of our members and IMAMs. We pray to Allah that there will be no case of COVID-19 in Guelph InshaAllah wa Aameen.

InshaAllah, the management of MSOG is taking this opportunity to repaint the building, sanitize the washrooms, hallways, and steam clean the prayer halls. There will be new sensor lights along with sensor based faucet in the washroom and doors inshaAllah. We will be in need of your support more than ever as the maintenance and cost and expenses will remain the same. Kindly donate us online as we can help each other by going through this difficult time together,

May Allah guide us all to make good decision. Aameen

JazakumAllah Khairun
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