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286 Water Street
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 1B8
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Kindly note, the second Friday prayers time has changed to 3:35 PM (Iqama)
This past July 2019, marked seven years for MSOG at our Water Street location. We have become a busy and thriving centre with Meezan School and other programs running seven days a week. Program enrollment and demand continue to grow every day, as does the size of our community. Our volunteer Executive Committee continues to work extremely hard, not only bringing programs and events to the centre but, also,  behind the scenes to continue moving forward with the expansion project. After two years of continuous negotiations with Guelph Hydro, submitting plans and obtaining permits from the City, MSOG has a brand new parking-lot that has space for 137  vehicles.  Landscaping and leveling of the back playing field has now started and   paving of the lot will take place later this month, weather permitting.  Next steps include relocating the portable classroom to the other side of the building in preparation for the start of construction. A building permit package, to be submitted to the city, is currently being completed. With your continued support, we hope to see   shovels in the ground in November. Our volunteer committee has done, and continues to do, amazing work. Meeting with architects, engineers and landscapers, finalizing drawings, site plans and obtaining permits all while working full time and tending to their families is no easy feat. For this, we are grateful and thankful for their commitment to our community.

Of course, this immense project could not have progressed this far without your support and generosity, for which we are also thankful. Details of expenses are outlined in the budget as well as in the timeline included in this update. Please be sure to review the financial statements to understand exactly how your valuable donations have assisted the project thus far.

Your continuous support and generosity will be required to achieve our vision for the Guelph Muslim Community.

With thanks, Management MSOG
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