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Guelph, Ontario, N1G 1B8
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Eid al Adha 1440 / 2019 MUBARAK
Takbeerat: 8:00AM
Imam Speeches/Messages: 8:45AM
Eid Prayer Iqama: 9: 30 AM
followed by Eid Celebration (Breakfast and Ice Cream)

Alhamdulillah, July 2017 marked the five year anniversary since MSOG moved to its current water street location. In five short years, an amazing amount of work has been done! Many goals have been accomplished in this short period of time. The most obvious of them being an established daycare / Montessori school and the full-time Islamic private school, Meezan School. We have also added fifty additional parking spots to help alleviate on-road congestion. Over the past two years, our committee members have been hard at work with the extremely difficult task of securing permits, approvals, and licensing from the City of Guelph and Ontario Hydro in order to realize the final phase of the grand vision that MSOG had five years ago. Thanks to the committee members, we are close to receiving all final approvals to begin construction of 100 additional parking spots to accommodate the large   multi-purpose hall and gym.  While there is an obvious cost to construction, obtaining permits and approval are also a huge expense, approximately $75,000 has been spent in creating technical drawings, conducting surveys, and paying the City of Guelph and Ontario Hydro fees to submit plans for approval. Our Volunteer Committee has been working diligently to overcome each hurdle to get us closer to our goal.  Your support and patience during this time has been greatly appreciated. Please review the financial statement inside the special edition of MSOG newsletter to fully understand how your donations have assisted us so far.

Your continuous support and generosity will be required to achieve our vision for the Guelph Muslim Community.

Thank you,

Management MSOG

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